My work involves merging painting with Installation by the method of multi - dimensional hybrids, which are composed of intricate dot patterns. 

The transformation of the ambiguous reflected images has not become a very prominent feature in my work, which occurs

as the audience engages with the polished medium, water and light installation before them.

In my work, I deconstruct the ideas of human spirituality; birth, life and death are the mirrored cycles of past, present and future.

These notions connect to fundamental human questions the future transcending time, such as 'where we are from?', 'why we are here?' And how thoughts on the universe are related spiritually?. 

that conscious question the ethic with human nature through analyse and theory of gene variation or central dogma of molecular biology issue in the present age and the past. 

My art challenges contemporary painting and plays with installation, something which allows me to highlights the movement of viewers in a space.

Fundamental environment for painting is reference to architecture; because being present in the space is like the soul being with body.